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We offer a personal, bespoke service to all our clients in the private and public sector.

We go the extra mile to ensure that you would only ever consider using us and we are able to offer you the best service and solutions in the industry thanks to our fantastic team.

You will always be dealing with real, friendly people who care that you are 100% satisfied with the service you receive.

  • Harry Legge-Bourke

    Managing Partner

    On graduating from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Harry was commissioned into the Welsh Guards and attained the rank of Captain in the 9 years he served in the Armed Forces.

    Having carried out roles as a young officer in the Battalion that included 2 tours of Northern Ireland, harry went on to to become the Close Reconnaissance Platoon Commander and then as the Rural Counter Terrrorist Chief Instructor at the Northern Ireland Training Wing.

    On resigning his commission in 2001, Harry worked for a US Hedge Fund as an Equity Analyst.

    Harry’s diverse, yet relevant experience have been vital to establishing Box-it Wales and Severn as the company we are today.

    He has brought a wealth of experience, knowledge and leadership to his role as Managing Partner.

  • Darren Elliott


    Darren joined the Parachute regiment at the age of eighteen and successfully completed the most vigorous and intensive selection process in the British Army. During his service, he participated in numerous exercises around the world including four Operational Tours.

    Always full of enthusiasm, and with proven experience of working in demanding and pressurized environments, Darren’s experience and qualities have been a great asset to Box-it Wales and Severn. He is well versed in both military and civil security procedures.

    Although rumoured to spend an unhealthy amount of time worrying about his appearance, Darren is determined to make Box-it Wales and Severn the first choice for businesses in South Wales and England!

    Darren enjoys playing football, spending time with his family, and recently completed the Tough Mudder event at the Glanusk estate.

  • Julian Wood

    Assistant Manager

    Julian was fortunate (or possibly not!?) to have spent a great deal of his previous military career with Darren…

    Having served in the Parachute Regiment, Julian has a cool head on his shoulders and is always a friendly and helpful contact for our customers.

    Whether collecting documents, or stepping into the shoes of Darren, he does so with a smile and a minimum of fuss.

    Julian loves spending time with his young family, walking with his dog and going to the gym (although results are slow arriving…)

ex members of the parachute regiment

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