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What exactly are document shredding services?

And why should you consider using a professional company to manage your shredding requirements?

Document shredding is the process of destroying (shredding) documents and files.  The paper is literally shredded into tiny pieces in order to avoid the misuse of confidential data.

Business files and personal records that are not shredded and disposed of correctly present three key issues:

  1. You leave individuals exposed to the threat of identity theft.
  2. Confidential or sensitive information that is not destroyed increases the chance of fraud.
  3. Failure to comply to the data protection act leaves you exposed to legal action.

All businesses need professional document shredding services.

Banks, hospitals and medical organisations are all businesses that you would likely immediately expect to have document shredding services in place.

However, all businesses, large and small need a compliant waste destruction procedure in place. Any company that stores details of customers, clients or any personal details whatsoever is legally obliged to protect privacy.

Simply tossing old forms and files into black bags for waste collection is not being legally compliant!

So, how do you best ensure you are dealing with your waste in a compliant and cost effective way?

The only way to make sure you safeguard your business and employees is to speak to an established document management company. Even if you don’t need any immediate shredding completed, we will be able to offer helpful advice in how best to manage your business waste.

We are able to provide a service that fits in with your hours of operation and business requirements. Whether that be one-off shredding or a regular contract, we’ll tailor everything to suit you.


Box-it Wales and Severn provide secure document shredding services to businesses in Cardiff, Bristol, Somerset and throughout South Wales.

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Posted on: May 9th, 2014