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Are you a business owner or employee thinking about storing boxes of files in self storage Cardiff?

Box-it Wales and Severn provide solutions for document storage in Cardiff, Bristol, Gloucester, Somerset & Wales.

Increased legislation, tight budgets, and a lack of time mean that more and more companies are now recognising the need for professional records management.

Despite this, there are still businesses that opt for in-house storage in a spare office or a self-storage container. Often, this decision is made due to the belief that the business will save money whilst having better control and access to their documentation and files.

This is not the case.

The Real Cost of Self-Storage

There is sometimes a perception that outsourcing document storage will be more expensive than handling the process internally.

But there is a longer term issue that inevitably increases the cost of self-storage, and that is the need for additional containers once you have reached capacity. This means that any additional rooms or containers will obviously add to the storage cost per box.

Renting additional storage space on the premise of filling it over a period of months or years is false economy. You are simply paying for unused space. Surely it makes more sense to pay for each stored box and not for dead space?

And what about the transportation of boxes? Fuels costs and van hire are two immediate added expenses with the self-storage model.

We collect your documents from your business, assign bar codes for tracking, store securely and orderly, and we are able to access and retrieve your files as soon as you need them.


Sending staff to store and retrieve documents interferes with day-to-day business and actually increases the chance of misplacing files. Even if boxes and files are labeled accurately, using more than one designated employee to carry out this task, is fraught with risks. And, if you are using your own employees to handle heavy boxes, they will need manual handling training.

The inherent space limitations of self-storage also mean that boxes need to be piled high in order to fill the space cost effectively. This means increased time wasted as staff rummage around searching for individual files, and inevitable damage to boxes that are not stored correctly.


Renting an additional office or container, even if secured by lock, is not a secure option for protecting confidential documents.

The nature of storage containers means that many people have general access to the facility you are using.

Storage containers are a general solution for general storage issues. They are not designed, or indeed suitable for ensuring your documents are stored correctly or compliantly.

There is also the additional problem of storing paper and cardboard in an environment that may be subjected to big variations in humidity and temperature. Will your files remain in good condition and be legible years from now?

Outsourcing your document management to Box-it Wales and Severn means that your documents are fully traceable, dry, secure and ready to retrieve quickly. We offer businesses a time saving solution that is confidential, efficient and cost-effective whilst significantly reducing your administrative burden.

For more information on how we can help you with your business document storageshreddingor scanning, call us today on 01873 811803.

Posted on: March 23rd, 2014