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This National firm of Accountants has offices in every major UK city and has a diverse requirements profile.

The challenges included providing services that catered for the fact that certain offices have severe space restrictions and needed a solution that removed even dynamic files.

Consolidated document storage nationwide saving costs of 40%. Introduced Omnidox to manage HR records, improving efficiency and driving HR centralisation.


The client has a strong commitment to environmental management but did not want to compromise the ability of users to carry out their day to day functions where the availability of information was a central factor.

To enhance the user experience, to minimise our collective impact on the environment and to help reduce service overheads it was proposed that Scan on Demand facilities be employed for delivery to the user, with hard copy being delivered if required at a later time (generally next day), to minimise unnecessary journeys.


HR Department

The proposed solution for the removal of dynamic filing from office areas that have severe space limitations involved the use of our web based, secure, archive management facility, Omnidox. The HR project was driven by a number of factors, such as:

The HR office move to the new headquarters in Baker Street would result in loss of filing space

  • Each region currently employs HR staff to service that location
  • HR files are located regionally
  • Staff move between regions (on secondment or permanently) on a regular basis
  • Files are constantly being updated and / or moved the existing files were scanned in bulk into Omnidox.
  • Files are indexed and key data is added from Peoplesoft to enhance retrievals, capturing details such as employee name, number, Department, HR Advisor, Manager, date joined and date finished
  • Documents are classified within category (e.g. Leavers, resignation letter)
  • Attributes are added automatically for destruction of documents based on rules (written warning flagged for review and removal after six months)
  • Additions to files are made through a number of paths;
    • upload from desktop in native format
    • scan at departmental multi function print device – loads images directly

Access to the Electronic Archive is based on roles and profiles – it is the intention to allow all staff access to their own files. Managers can see their staff files but are not able to see certain documents such as medical information.

The scan on demand process provides the ability for Leavers files that have not been scanned to be loaded to the HR system as and when required, from Box-it Storage Facility when required.

The aim is to ensure that information is accessible on demand, whilst legacy files are stored in our archives but can be added to the electronic store when needed.

This keeps costs down whilst ensuring users work rates are enhanced. True Integrated Document Management.